The influential - Know them by their deeds -
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 Real TrackRecords

- from their practices, not their promises!

- The practical Political records of Parties, Governments and Rulers.
- The real records of Business practices and their community impacts.
- Actual records of Employer practices and impacts. More..
- Sector organisations, their practices and impacts on community. 

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How Policies affect life, environment, people and the world - wealth, health, work, pleasure. 
People make policies. People can change and improve them if YOU really care.

Moral Value: - Business or politics without conscience is a greater crime than burglary, it violates society as a whole! 

Gallery of Snapshots

Government Track Records

Political records of Rulers and Public Officials. Political Bodies, Party Politics and their community impacts. Public Bodies, Official Government Agencies. International Agencies. NGO's ..

Business Track Records

Company Practices and policies. Business Sectors and practices. Top Executives, Managers. Shareholders, Investor Groups. Sector Internal Regulatory bodies. Banks and Insurance sector

Employer Track Records
Company employment policies. Employer associations in government, business sectors.

Worker Unions - Group Practices Labour Unions and employee rights groups. more....

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